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Exclusive drama classes with Actors Centre Australia at MindChamps Academy

Presented by Actors Centre Australia


We understand that deciding where to study is a major decision, which is why it’s important to make the right choice. 

Together with MindChamps Academy, ACA’s leading teachers will deliver 6 classes following creative structures and processes which will open up access to our inner resources, authenticity and confidence as part of your early learning diploma education. One class to be completed every six weeks within the Diploma course.

Drama exercises capture magic, joy and our innate sense of play and contribution.

*This is a non-accredited course.

  • Class 1: LIBERTY AND FREEDOM 1 x 1 hour Class

    The liberty and freedom in saying YES. Accepting and affirming great ideas andmoving into action creates energy and momentum.

  • Class 2: CURIOSITY 1 x 1 hour Class

    Curiosity is a key driving force behind creativity. Immersing ourselves into a sense of wonder opens doors and areas of our imaginations and creative connection.

  • Class 3: HEARTS AND MINDS 1 x 1 hour Class

    Sharing stories which move us opens our hearts and connects us in rich andintimate ways.

  • Class 4: CONNECTION 1 x 1 hour Class

    Stepping into someone else’s shoes and seeing life through their eyes opens our capacity for feelings and connection. Stories hold the meaning of life and take us to the essence of what it is to be alive.

  • Class 5: LETTING GO 1 x 1 hour Class

    Taking the breaks off and letting go can open so much more of us and stretch our ideas of our self-image. Being able to leap into the unknown can evoke real spontaneity and a stronger sense of what we’re capable of.

  • Class 6: ENSEMBLE WRAP UP 1 x 1 hour Class

    Bringing all of the elements and understandings together, this final class will highlight and capture our unique sense of contribution and being of service. Stepping away from what drains us and moving towards what gains us energy is the name of the game. Being on-purpose allows us to truly be of service to everyone around us and with whom we make contact in our chosen field.

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