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Research-backed curriculum

Our high-quality vocational training is uniquely designed by world-leading experts from 4 domains: Education, Psychology, Neuroscience and Theatre. This research-backed approach combines industry proven skills and methodologies with passionate teaching to inspire the learning minds of the future.

These research-based programs are not just academic, but have practical application in nurturing early learning development, taught by experienced leaders in early child education. The MindChamps Academy equips all leaders with practical expertise, including tools of engagement, positive guidance and the ‘Champion Mindset’. It is only through this training that our global centres have a proven record of successfully preparing children for primary school.

Globally Recognised

Hailed as a Global Education Movement by #1 New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author Dr Joseph A. Michelli. Michelli wrote The MindChamps Way after spending over 10 years studying MindChamps.

"The companies (Mercedes-Benz, Starbucks & The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company) featured in my prior books demonstrate impressive brand power, but none of them have been in a position to fundamentally shape society on par with MindChamps."

Future Opportunities

MindChamps Academy is hailed as an innovative global education movement with exciting future opportunities. With over 80 MindChamps centres globally, including 22 Early Learning and Preschool centres throughout New South Wales, these centres provide course participants an opportunity for graduate placements.

Theatre plays a vital role in education, engaging and nurturing young minds to feel, reach and grow. Our strategic alliance with Actors Centre Australia (ACA) - one of Australia’s top acting schools - has enabled MindChamps’ unique early-learning methodology to be enhanced further with theatrical techniques. This partnership also allows for the possibility of future development into higher level certification in theatre education through the ACA linked certificate.

Supporting your Growth as an Educator

MindChamps Academy will continually assist your growth as an educator. Our online learning allows for maximum flexibility for students, pacing programs to suit their schedules. Our highly-qualified Academy Mentors provide dedicated support, sharing their experience and skills. Further support is provided by in-house Learning Management System, academic staff and customer relations, all helping our students fulfill their dreams in the early childhood sector.

MindChamps focus on providing high-quality, research-backed early learning education has not only lifted the standards of the Early Childhood Educators, but elevated perceptions of the profession. Our range of accredited certificate and diploma level courses in early childhood education help course participants excel as educators in the field of early childhood, helping to inspire and nurture the next generation.

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